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Yomi's Game is a dynamic war game of samurai and oni for two players where the board is different every time you play. Originally conceived as a board game for manufacture through laser cutting, this print and play represents a physical redesign for paper and at-home assembly. 

You Will Need

  1. A printer
  2. Paper
  3. At least one marker
  4. An x-acto knife
  5. Tape


  1. Print out the "Print and Play" file on your paper of choice. Card stock works best! You can also use sticker paper and stick art on other materials. 
  2. There are TWO army sets for both samurai and oni factions. Color half of the units (or fill in with sharpie) to distinguish armies. 
  3. Cut everything out! There are lots of tight corners, so you'll want to use an x-acto knife. Cut all of the dashed lines. 
  4. The units are designed as triangular stand-ups /\ Fold them in the middle, fold the flaps underneath, and tape the bottom flats together.
  5. The instructions are designed as a digital manual, with click-to-navigate and searchable text options. You can print them out if you'd like, but the ideal experience is on a phone, tablet, or laptop!


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Yomi's Gate Instructions.pdf 1 MB
Yomi's Gate Print and Play.pdf 1 MB